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MeOCR - Image to Text Converter
MeOCR 1.0 converts your scanned documents to editable text documents using OCR and exports them to Microsoft Word with one click. Use it to save time and money by not having to retype your documents. Me OCR is a fast reliable and accurate image to text OCR conversion application. Download and start using MeOCR today.

RAD Developer is an integrated development environment (including a fast and easy to use built in debugger) for your PowerBASIC compiler. With the RAD Developer IDE you can develop your applications faster and more efficiently than ever before. RAD Developer creates a highly automated and customizable environment for application design.

Try out RAD Developer free for 30 days. Download RAD Dev 1.20

New features:

Support for Console Compiler added; Support for PBWIN 7.01 and PBCC 3.01 Added.

Codetips for all functions; Intelligent dropdown lists for data types; Auto code complete for functions, subs and conditional statements; Goto definition for user datatypes, functions and variables; Fully customizable color settings for all windows; Add-In menu for external tools and help files; Custom keywords may be added to syntax highlighting; more ...

Some of the features included are:

* A completely customizable user interface.

* A fast and efficient built in debugger.

* A Watch window.

* A Debug Output window.

* A Compiler Output window.

* Full Bookmarks and Breakpoints capabiltiy.

* A Project Explorer window.

* Import existing projects in one step.

* Global, Module and Procedure level Find - Search and Replace.

* Want to debug a dll and the calling exe at the same time? No problem.

* Automatically compiles resource files.

* Smart popup menus for all windows.

And many more features. Get it today!

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